Assorted maps sketched during my travels.

Some have small notes scribbled on them from the journey. Looking at these sketches now, I’m realizing that if you’re not already aware of the cities represented on the maps, some of them might be somewhat difficult to work out! Let me know if you’re able to figure out which cities are included!


Irish Coffee


2 whiskey
4 coffee
1 1/2 cream

Beat cream until just before soft peaks form (when in doubt, err on the softer side). Refrigerate until use.
Dissolve the sugar in coffee. Stir in whiskey.
Carefully pour whipped cream over the whiskey–coffee mixture (the cream should float above the coffee).

unBirthday Cake

This single-tier cake was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Major thanks to NickyToons for granting permission to use her beautiful Alice in Wonderland Card Set!

The cake is a rich, moist chocolate butter cake layered with fresh strawberry mousse and covered with a Swiss meringue buttercream.

Gingerbread House Cake

These are a matching pair of cakes baked for a Christmas party this past year. The tree and house were made of gingerbread, and the small decorative trees were chocolate. Each shingle was individually placed on the roof of the house in a process that took several hours, and each tier was individually flavored – dark chocolate with salted caramel, milk chocolate with mint,  and white chocolate with mango.