Edible Stained Glass Ornaments

edible ornaments 3

As Christmas approaches, I thought I’d break out photos of an old project—edible stained glass ornaments. Made from the multicolored shards of flavored sugar and held together by a lattice of royal icing, these hollow ornaments are a fun and colorful addition to your tree (especially if you decide to go the popcorn and cranberry garland route). Alternatively, you can do what I did here and give them out as small gifts!

After forming the ornaments inside spherical ice cube molds, I (carefully!) tied a golden thread around each one. Not gonna lie—one or two shattered before I worked out just how tight to tie the thread. A few ornament boxes later, they were ready to be handed out!

It was especially fun to see people’s faces light up when they learned the whole thing was edible (several even asked me to explain how I’d made them more than a few times, thinking that I had to be joking!).